Abandonware//Cosmic Dog Slaughter


Abandonware is an experimental music project by me and Joshua Thatcher. We have created music under the name Cosmic Dog Slaughter but we wanted a fresh start! So we decided to make music under a new name and look. We hope to cover a variety of genres including Vaporwave, Glitch hop, Lo-fi, Witch House, and Industrial. We would love some support as well as feedback.”
               -Kade Estelle on the subject of Abandonware


Abandonware currently has one single available on Soundcloud (Runaway) but has said they will be reworking it and releasing new music soon. Check out their Facebook page and give them a like/share. You can also check out Cosmic Dog Slaughter‘s Facebook page here.


W☪ϟ₣M▲N₭€V and FLΣSł łΣΛTΣRS


Wolfman Kev//FleshEaters

Wolfman Kev Presents: Elixir of Lunar Art ft. Denzel Nannery

Free download at bandcamp


“As supernatural music artists, we express through eerie trance-like abnormal sounds using witty but comedic lyrics that reflects our personality and interests. Depression is somewhat the source, as empathy is a virtue.
In other words, we you like Nintendo. Heavily influenced by art in all aspects and vastly hopeful to land a future deal with a greatly supporting label.



Flesheaters consists of two members: Wolfman Kev & Zombie Mike-Chris. They currently have one one EP (Wavelengths) available for download on their bandcamp account, and plenty of songs on their soundcloud. You can follow them on tumblr or follow @wolfmankev on instagram. They have identified themselves as many things, such as jazz hop, jazz rap, trip hop, chillwave, and experimental trance. Wolfman Kev has said to be inspired by artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, MF Doom, and Kid Cudi.

Mourning Fog

Where has my voice gone to these days?

Far over yonder behind gloomy rays

of light leaking in between plastic blinds,

and a somber blur over all of our minds.

How do I speak a language so old

the ones who spoke it with me got cold,

and wandered off to other planes,

and places that my soul ordains

fairer than this which we tread upon now,

this, though beating my heart, I avow.

I have been to these places and seen many lands,

I have argued with angels and shook demon hands.

I conversed with deities, ancient and new,

they confess they’re no greater than I or you.